Electric Forklifts

1.5T Three Wheel AC Forklift

release time:2016-7-15


Capacity @500 mm LC     1,500 kg

Wheel                    AC/Three wheel

Controller                 CURTIS/ZAPI      



1. Reliable electric control system

2. Reliable steering system

3. Reliable mast

 Comfortable & Efficient

1. Wide view mast

2. Large operating space

3. High efficiency and intelligent performance


1. Easy to operate

2. Easy to maintenance

1. This rear wheel drive electric forklift is designed with simple automotive control and electric regenerative braking, making the truck easy to operate.
2. The 24V battery can provide required AC power for two or three intermittent working shifts. With the optional roll-in battery replacement device, the driver can quickly change the battery without extra assistance.
3. Our forklift is available in advanced CURTIS Gen2 AC system with simplified circuitry and brushless motors requiring less servicing. Also, the twin AC motors are accessible to inspection from the front, so as to effectively minimize maintenance cost.